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M & M Costamed Consulting is a professional consultancy and comprehensive advice office, mainly focused on small and medium-sized companies as well as other professionals, foundations, associations and large companies. Through our qualified staff we attend to all possible tax, labor, mercantile, legal, civil, etc. solutions that may arise to companies or professionals with personalized attention. We carry out all kinds of procedures related to the management of the company, our main principles being those of training, integrity, independence and objectivity, diligence and rigor, loyalty and fairness. Therefore, our commitment is maximum. We are backed by more than 20 years of experience.

Our most outstanding services


We are your ADVISOR FOR ENTREPRENEURS (PAE). We guide you in the launch of your future business.

Non-resident taxation

We advise you on your tax obligations as Non-Resident.

Constitution of societies

We are Advice Point and Start of Procedure (PAIT). We create your company quickly and easily with free advice.


We study the viability of your business

Domiciliation of companies

We offer you the possibility of renting your virtual office.

Processing of deeds

We process your sale, inheritance, cancellations, mortgages, novations,…

We help you grow your business

“At COSTAMED we are different, we like to do things well. We are passionate about our work and we love that our clients succeed. We are a motivated team, professional, solid, serious and committed. We have everything you need to grow your business.”

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