Labour Area

From M&M Costamed Consulting we provide advice specialized in labor matter, advising in cases of conflict between the company and workers.

Registration  of the company in the Social Security and later modifications.

Discharge in the special regime of autonomous, base changes of price and cancellations.


Employment recruitment: affiliation to the general or  workers special system, contracts of work, extentions and renovations studying the different modalities and possible subsidies and supplements, charges and discharges, obtein the salaries with the application and update of the Collective Agreements and existing Procedure, Social Insurances (SILTRA), files (CRA).


Processing fall of disease and parts of accidents (DELT@)


Certificates: Company  certificates, certificates of being up to day with the payments,

Certificate of retentions and  payer data communication.


Labor calendars.


Proceedings in tax income and postponements.


Representation and assistance of the company in inspections of work.


Mediation of individual and collective conflicts of work, notice letter,  work contract and settlement´s elaboration and termination.

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