Certificate – Licence

We process all kind of licenses:

  • Major or minor construction licenses
  • License for the establishments or activity opening.
  • Municipal permit for the sidewalks with private driveway use.
  • Hability Certificate.
  • License for the hotel catering terrace.
  • Hunting or fishing license.
  • Import and Export license.
  • Request for authorisation or open a recreational room.
  • Permission of exploitation of recreative machine.


We obtain all kind of certificates:


  • Criminal certificates.
  • Last wills Certificates.
  • Civil registry Certificates.
  • Mercantile register Certificates.
  • Property Registration Certificates.
  • Census, coexistence and residence Certificates.
  • Simple notes, domain and charges.
  • Scriptures copies and Testaments in notary, registers and data files.


We legalize all documents in foreign consulates established in Spain.


We manage the advertisement or edicts insertion in the official journal and public media.

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